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Aqua For U Transy


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Model : Aqua For U Transy
Technology : RO+UV+UF+TDS Controler +Minarel Guard
Tank capacity : 12 Litrs
Capacity : 11-15 Litres/hr
Dimension : 53×36.5×19(LxWxH)
Weight : 11.5Kgs(Approx)
Power Rating : 25 Watts
%Reduction in TDS : 90%(Approx.)


Multi Stage Of RO + UV Water Purifier

First Stage

Sediment Filter 5 Micron Made Of Polypropylene Spun Fiber
Removes Suspended Impurities In Water Like Sand, Dirt,
Rust, Slit Providing First, Line Perfection For The Whole

Second Stage

Sediment P.p Cartridge 1 Micron, Removes Fine Dirt. Rust
Much Better.

Third Stage

Granular Carbon Pre- Filter Removes Chlorine , Color And
Other Organic Impurities.

Fourth Stage

Ro Membrane Eliminated 90-95.6% Of All Dissolved
Impurities & Harmful Substances In Water , As Well As
Completely Eliminating Algae , Bacteria And Viruses

Fifth Stage

Uv – The Uv Light Will Disinfect Water At Normal Flow Rate.
Providing One Of The Safest Filtering System Available.
Bacteria, Viruses.

Sixth Stage

UF- Ultra Filtration

Seventh Stage

Mineral Guard



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